A decent bite for the whole community

Loql connects local businesses with food to sell to local people looking for something to eat

Start taking orders

No subscription fee for the Taster and Starter plans while we're in beta!

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Open your doors to online ordering

Our simple to use platform takes under an hour to set up

  • Quick setup

    Getting set up on the platform takes minutes

    Build your menu

    Create categories, dishes, options and extras.

    Get paid quickly

    To take payments, create your own Stripe account, and see revenue go straight to your account!

  • Dashboard

A quick, simple and beautiful experience for your customers

Loql's responsive customer ordering experience puts your customers in control.

  • Perfect online ordering at any screen size

    From mobile up to tablets and laptops, no app to download.

    Range of fulfilment options

    Let your customers collect takeaways from your restaurant, or book delivery. Pay up front online or on collection.

    Customise dishes

    Add extras, choose options and make special requests.

  • Mobile menu

Frequently asked questions

How do I get set up?

Fill in the joining form, which will give you access to the dashboard. Then complete all your business details, set up your menu and start taking orders!

How do I link to the ordering platform?

From the dashboard you'll see a button that takes you to the customer view. Just copy this link and add it to your socials & existing website!

How much does it cost?

Our affordable plans are simply priced, and start at free.

Why so cheap? What's the catch

There is no catch. We're a group of community developers who want to empower restaurants to take online orders. Here's a bit more about us.

Why Loql?

  • Pizza hearth

    We're on your side

    Unlike most food delivery platforms, we don’t charge high fees or have unreasonable terms.

  • Balance

    We keep it honest

    We’re open, transparent and driven by a desire to help small businesses and communities.

  • Community

    We’re a community too

    Loql is a team of volunteers doing all this because we think it’s the right thing to do